Results of electro-fishing January 2011

Geoffrey Lee weed cutting

Earlier electro-fishing

Results of spiling work to secure the bank at Sheephatch summer 2012

Anthony Hillard is is presented with a hand carved trout by the members at the club’s 2012 AGM to mark his retirement as FFF Chairman

Rhododendrons in full bloom at Home Farm

taken by Stuart Barr - June 2013

Founder member and past president - Bob Pell - surveying the river above Jock’s Cottage

The original “Jocks Cottage”

Earlier version of the footbridge at Lower Tilford - 1960’s?

Stocking at the footbridge - 1960’s?

Bob & Bette’s restored bench at Rhododendron Corner - summer 2013

Improvement works at Mariners - Spring 2013

Restoring the redds at Mariners.  Each of the two redds had 4 tons of gravel distributed across them, which should result in trout spawning more readily - Summer 2013

New signs for 2015

New gangway built just below footbridge - Spring 2015

Steps built to replace ladder at Home Farm - Spring 2015

The club were invited to spend a day at Leckford Estate to  see where our fish come from and to fish their lakes - April 2015

Peter Francis using the new microscope for invertebrate bio-metric fingerprinting - Sept 2015

New works to secure the banks at Lower Tilford - Summer 2015

Peter Besgrove demonstrates the new gate at Spreakley Bridge - Feb 2016

Watch out for bodies at Home Farm!  BBC’s Silent Witness used the footbridge at Home Farm as a location for a recent episode - Jan 2016

Workshop run by Peter Francis at Home Farm for our invertebrate monitors to learn about Benchmarking  -  March 2016